Google Launches August 2023 Core Update

Google announced the launch of their core search overhaul for August 2023, which could take several weeks to complete.


  • Google has released its August 2023 core update in order to improve search results.
  • The information’s applicability is what counts, not how well the page performed following the update.
  • Continuous content improvement is essential because recovery from a core update is not always possible and can vary.

Google Launches August 2023 Core Update

Google revealed the August 2023 core update’s release date.

Once the upgrade’s deployment is complete, the business said it will update its ranking release history page.

To guarantee that users always receive the most relevant and trustworthy results, Google regularly releases fundamental upgrades.

Although basic updates aren’t meant to target specific websites or pages, they could increase visibility for pages that were previously ranked lower. However, previously awarded pages may suffer a decline in ranking.

Recovery & Impact of Core Updates

A core upgrade could have both positive and bad effects on a website’s search engine optimization.

Google stresses that your website may not necessarily be broken if performance drops after a core update.

If a drop occurs, it can be the result of changes made by the core upgrade rather than a fault with the layout or information on your website.

Google suggests that users who observe drops in rankings focus on improving the content of their websites rather to looking for technological fixes.

How To Recover

Following a core upgrade, Google suggests the following actions to improve your search performance:

  • Examine the pages that aren’t working effectively in detail.
  • Look up the search keywords that brought visitors to those pages.
  • Compare your writing to the queries listed on Google’s assistance page.

This will draw attention to any areas where your material falls short of offering thorough solutions. Utilize all you have learned to make generating your content a top priority in order to ensure that it satisfies searchers’ needs.

No page has a fixed or fixed position in Google’s search results, and updates aren’t necessarily guaranteed to aid in recovery, the search engine giant cautions.

Recovery Time

If improvements warrant it, it normally takes several months for pages to regain ranks lost as a result of a core change.

Google, though, is always modifying its algorithms.It might offer modest updates in between the bigger core upgrades that will help pages that have undergone changes.

Looking Forward

Businesses and SEO specialists should be patient as the consequences of Google’s main algorithm update in August 2023 become apparent, focus on improving the quality of their websites, and stay away from quick fixes.

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