5 Powerful Ways Marketers Are Using AI To Boost SEO & Content Marketing

AI-powered technology is rapidly changing the digital landscape as we know it.

5 Powerful Ways Marketers Are Using AI To Boost SEO & Content Marketing

With an increasing number of companies looking for innovative ways to increase efficiency and maximize their marketing potential, AI is quickly becoming one of the most popular solutions.

Today, AI is a key component of the way marketers interact with their audiences and build relationships with them — and if you want to stay competitive in your industry, you need to explore.

So, how can you use some of the recent advances in AI – especially in automation and data collection – to your advantage?

How can you start taking advantage of the new opportunities offered by this technology?

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In the meantime, let’s review the many ways you can start making the most of your marketing efforts.

We’ll cover five powerful use cases for AI in marketing, including:

  1. Competitive research.
  2. Search and discover SEO.
  3. Content production.
  4. Campaign optimization.
  5. Marketing automation.

To help put the pieces together, we’ll also show you how to use powerful AI, trained on more than 650,000 hours of voice data, to help you turn customer calls into your competitive advantage.

Tip 1: Use AI to speed up the entire research process.

The first stage in developing a high-impact marketing strategy is market research.

By knowing what your target audience needs, you can ensure that your marketing campaign will achieve its KPIs and success metrics.

Your goal here is to speed up the most time-consuming part of your strategy.

Utilize AI to immediately assist you and your team by researching your target audience:

  • To help them relate to your content.
  • Create high-intent content that fits the pivotal content marketing model.
  • Re-optimize outdated and underperforming content.
  • Help identify high-impact SEO topic clusters.
  • Always stay on top of the latest industry trends to know what your audience cares about.
  • Detect and monitor competitors’ offers.
  • Find out about and take control of your service and reputation narrative.

By studying your target audience, you can

Your competitors, like most businesses, will likely take up to seven weeks to unlock their most important revenue-generating information.

Your advantage: Use AI to automatically conduct initial and ongoing research to continually detect and understand every emerging trend before your competitors.

How to use artificial intelligence to uncover key marketing campaign needs

Don’t do it: Spend hours manually searching “Also Asked” questions from Google or pouring over text to uncover the pain points of your target audience and customers.

Do: Use it directly through their interactions with your company.

Don’t: Invest weeks in designing questionnaires, focus groups, surveys, and in-depth interviews.

Do: Use AI to automatically analyze customer service calls and help inform your marketing strategy and customer experience.

Fortunately, it makes it easy.

Tip 2: Use brand new data sources to increase search discoverability and SEO.

It can help you get the data you need to create content that resonates strongly with your audience.

The right target keywords can make a huge difference in your strategy and significantly impact your brand’s visibility in search.

The key is to make sure your website language is as close as possible to what your customers are actually saying.

When you compare what your business offers – you may find similarities between the words you use to market your business versus what your customers use.

AI tools, such as , can help you:

  • Accurately discover key terms and phrases that are usable in conversation and highly relevant.
  • Quickly summarize the details of the call to be more proactive in resolving issues before they become major problems.
  • Save valuable time compared to listening to calls manually.

How AI can improve your keyword targeting strategy

With the insights you discover, you can automatically:

  • Identify the words and phrases your customers say most at a glance.
  • Set keyword frequency to identify emerging keyword trends.
  • Apply insights from your results to improve your SEO strategies, keyword bidding, and respond appropriately to customer sentiment.

For example, a personal injury law firm may receive many calls about “scooter accidents,” but may not initially be aware that this is an area of opportunity.

However, based on its strong upward trend, the company could open a whole new line of business for scooter accidents.

Discover other ways AI can help you target the most effective words and phrases to meet your customers where they are in their journey.

Tip 3: Apply AI insights to speed up your content creation.

Although it’s not wise to rely entirely on AI-powered writing tools, they can certainly help speed up your content creation process.

If you want to improve the quality and relevance of your content, a simple AI generator can fill the remaining gap.

How to customize content to the specific needs of your audience.

Use it to gain valuable information about what your customers really want, and apply that data to your content strategy using the following steps:

  1. Discover common terms and phrases your customers use on calls.
  2. Ask an AI content creation tool, like ChatGPT, to create content topics or even a rough draft based on these ideas.
  3. Remember to edit the AI content and put your own unique touch on it before hitting publish.

Whether you’re writing a blog post, landing page, email, or promotion, some can help take the guesswork out and simplify your process.

Conversational Intelligence uses powerful AI technology to accurately record and analyze your customers’ calls at a human level.

Start creating better quality content that meets your audience’s needs more effectively.

Tip 4: Use AI to level up your campaign optimization strategy

The most important thing you can do is automatically qualify leads and convert them into individual conversions.

If you connect your AI tool directly to Google Ads, Google Ads will not only understand which keywords and ad creatives attract calls, but it will also learn which of those calls become a lead or convert into a paying customer.

This way, Google can bid better on ads on keywords or creatives that actually drive revenue, not just calls or clicks.

By sourcing your best leads, you can allocate your advertising budget more efficiently – spending only on the most qualified leads, resulting in a higher return on investment (ROI).

This is especially helpful if your advertising budget is constrained.

How to optimize and manage qualified leads.

Start implementing AI into your campaign strategy with the following three steps:

  1. To arrange.
  2. Track calls as conversions.
  3. Use insights to optimize your Google ad campaigns with the best keywords and ad creatives to drive more conversions.

To learn more about improving your campaigns with conversation intelligence,

Tip 5: Increase Conversions & Efficiency With Marketing Automation

It’s a powerful tool if you want to increase conversion rates and improve the performance of your marketing and sales teams.

By combining user data with predictive analytics, AI can help predict what customers want.

Using insights from previous online behavior, use AI to automatically deliver customised offers to your clients at the correct time.

3 powerful marketing automation tools to upgrade your strategy

Are you looking for ways to automate your marketing efforts? Here are some powerful options to boost your performance:

  • AI-powered chatbots can also be used to answer common customer questions, make product recommendations, and even process orders automatically.
  • Conversation intelligence can be a powerful tool to analyze your calls and automatically qualify leads based on specific keywords or phrases mentioned. Marketing and sales teams can then follow up on qualified leads using automated notifications to ensure timeliness and relevance.
  • CI integration with CRM solutions is a way to advance automation, communications through marketing, and tracking content engagement through phone calls. For example, you could set up an automated system to send an email to every lead whose call lasts more than a minute.

When you have access to the data you need to better understand the entire customer journey, you can measure the effectiveness of all your marketing touchpoints.

Learn more about automation with Automation.

Leverage conversation intelligence for advanced call analytics.

Recent advances in AI speech recognition accuracy present exciting new marketing opportunities, especially for businesses that rely on telephone interactions with customers.

As a call-intensive business, the effort of managing and analyzing large numbers of calls can be overwhelming – and that’s where it comes from.

How conversational intelligence can improve your marketing results

Using powerful AI, trained on over 650,000 hours of audio data, with the same accuracy as human transcribers, CallRail’s conversational intelligence is just the tool you need to handle call-related tasks faster and more efficiently.

CI automatically transcribes and analyzes all your incoming and outgoing calls, and is designed to accurately understand conversations at a human level – which means:

  • Look for more precise keywords.
  • More accurate automatic marking and lead capabilities.
  • Sentiment analysis is more accurate.
  • Save hundreds of hours of busy work for your team.

By using AI technology to analyze customer calls, companies can do just that

This plethora of information can enhance marketing tactics, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance.

Unleash your marketing potential with CallRail’s conversation intelligence.

Are you ready to start using AI-powered Conversation Intelligence technology to improve your communication strategy?

Are you ready to finally tap into your full marketing potential and outshine your competitors?

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From research and SEO discovery to content creation and campaign optimization, conversation intelligence is the solution you need to optimize your operations and maximize results.

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